Buyer’s Question on New Build Quality

Buyers often ask this question, “Which of the home building companies out there builds the best home?”  That is a very open ended question.  What type of home are you referring to?  Block, framed, manufactured, rammed earth, adobe etc.  Really there isn’t a large difference in quality in national home builder companies, unless you are looking to build a custom home.  The local governing agencies oversee building codes which weeds out the ‘bad apples’ in building practices.  They are there to make sure builders are following the building codes and ordinances.

Much of the quality control also comes down to who is overseeing the construction.  The Construction Supervisor.  Are they there to manage quality control and safety.  Or do they make them selves scarce.  Knowing how the site construction supervisor works is a bit of a tell-all on how construction quality will be.   Also, many of the home builder’s subcontractors are shared between other home building companies.  Therefore, build quality is similar.  It’s the Construction Supervisor that needs to make sure ordinances and building codes are adhered to.

Having a real estate agent that is familiar with the stages of construction and able to be present during those stages and during inspections with inspectors is important.   The sooner an error is caught, the better.  Don’t assume just because it’s new nothing can go wrong.  It can.

Mid adult couple in construction site of their new home

Visiting the site with your agent is important.  An appointment should be made with the site supervisor due to safety reasons and scheduling time for you and your agent.  Remember, most likely this isn’t the only house they are building.  Especially if you are purchasing within a subdivision community.

Some resources for how to choose a new home building company is:

  1. National Association of Home Builders NAHB
  2. New Home Source guide


At the end of construction, I always recommend an independent home inspection.  Again, another set of professional eyes is better than one.  You can hire an inspector for two inspections at the framing stage and at completion.  At completion is the most important to test all services in the home.

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